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Meet the Whiskey Teller Team

Ryan Howell
“Enter as strangers – leave as family.”

Ryan Howell

Head Chef

Ryan’s goal as a chef is to offer quality, humble food that makes you feel like you are at home – no matter where you are from.

His love for food and cooking began when he started working at the local sushi restaurant in his hometown of Cornerbrook, Newfoundland.

He followed his passion to culinary school in Dartmouth and then to Lunenburg for an opportunity to continue learning under chef Martin Salvador-Ruiz. This experience allowed Ryan to travel throughout the province of Nova Scotia, cooking and acquiring knowledge about the incredible bounty of ingredients this province had to offer.

When he reached Annapolis Royal and met with chef Chris Pyne and the team at the Whiskey Teller he knew that he had found his new home. The smell of the sea, the view of the rolling landscape, and the kindness of the locals was confirmation enough. It is this feeling. One of comfort, and acceptance that he wants to pass on to all those who visit.

Welcome to the Whiskey Teller. Make yourself at home.

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